COVID-19: Official Statement & Updates

  • 16/03 COVID 19 STATEMENT

    Dear colleagues,

    Considering the recent news stemming from the situation with the COVID-19 all over the world and, in particular, its spreading in Europe but also in Spain, the MedChem meeting will be postponed. This conclusion has been reached after consulting the Organizing Committee and Prof. Alcaro Coordinator of the Paul Ehrlich Network. Altogether, we agreed that this is the best solution in order to prevent further complex and dangerous potential scenarios.

    The good news is that the MedChem-2020 is not cancelled BUT postponed to September, from 3rd to 5th 2020. Therefore, all the work done so far is valid and useful. Furthermore, the list of speakers, both plenary and invited, will be maintained, thus offering a fantastic scientific meeting with these top scientists.

    The homepage of MedChem-2020 will be continued and all the important information such as registration, deadlines, information on participation, abstracts, travelling, hosting, etc will be announced in due time.

    As the chair of MedChem 2020 in Barcelona, I regret to give you the aforementioned bad news but I like to encourage you to see the positive part to fully enjoy (without fear) in the coming MedChem 2020 in Barcelona.

    With my very best regards

    José I. Borrell
    Chair of MedChem 2020

  • 28/05 COVID 19 STATEMENT

    MEDCHEM (X Meeting of the Paul Ehrlich Euro-PhD Network) postponed to 2021

    In view of the ongoing global effects of Covid-19, holding the next MedChem Meeting might not be possible on the scheduled dates from 11 to 13 June 2020 and later from 3 to 5 September 2020.

    The Organizing and Scientific Committee has been closely monitoring the problem and, after much consideration, we are sad to announce the postponement of this event to a later date on 2021.

    We trust that rescheduling our event to 2021 will ensure the safety of participants as well as that all of those who had planned to attend can do it with no travel restrictions.

    The new dates for the Meeting are from 10 to 12 of June 2021 also at IQS School of Engineering.

    Best wishes to all of you and I do hope to see you in Barcelona next year in June.

    Prof. Dr. José I. Borrell MRSC, CChem
    MedChem 2021 Chairman